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and break approaches...

So it's been busy here (as usual) with finals appraoching. I've only got two, the others were papers, one WICKED long term one (we started Nov. 3) and one semi-long term one. So not too stressful. It's a little funny, it's extended 24-hours quiet hours, and I live on the quiet floor and I've got to say it may have been one of the noisiest weeks yet.

One thing I can definitely say about finals is that the print server HATES them. It's a little crazy before class in the labs. EVERYONE wants to print their 40 page papers, their tabloid sized, huge, in-design files, and everything else ever, all at the same time: ten minutes before class. The server goes crazy, telling people they have different amounts of money in the print credits, and takes forevvver to do anything. But schwhatev. It works, just slowly. Though you do feel really bad for the unfortunate kid who accidently sends his 40 page paper to the expensive epson printer by mistake. Ouch.

I think Revels is going to (hopefully) start doing more sectional rehearsals, which is definitely a good thing. We altos had one at Kira's appartment in somethingorother square, off the blue line. Now I've only not been on the orange line, which is okay with me because apparently it's wicked sketchy and systematically stops in all of the bad areas.

Yo, the city is LOUD. Tremont Street, calm down.

I didn't even feel well yesterday. I layed in bed for over 12 hours, and don't think I slept more than 20 minutes at a time. Sucks. But I'm better now, I think. My roomie has the flu, double sucks.

Me and a few of my fellow jews on the floor "lit" the "candles" on my electric menorah tonight, it was a good time, mostly because the sound was me and the mumbly bellowing sound of five guys who only kinda knew the words to the prayers borderline yelling. Yes.

The Developed Images Color Postcard Book came out today! Some of the photos in it are realllly awesome. It's exciting to have my picture in there, it's got my name on it and stuff. Yay!

Also. I finished editing the entirety of scenes 1a and 1b of Spotless. Rough cut, but still. There's no freakin' time here! Getting to the end of a scene feels like an accomplishment (especially because these two scenes topped out at 11+ minutes). I want to go on, but final cut is being a little bitch about this one group of clips. It won't give me any audio playback from the timeline. Anyone? Ey? Geeks? Tech Savvy?

I got to visit home last weekend to see Yessica and it was great, I love you Jessica!

Tomorrow Owie visits Boston, yay! And the roomies and I are going to go x-mas shopping, because we live in Boston. And how much more exciting would it be to get a gift not from Northampton?

That being said, I miss Northampton a ton. It's just better there. Boston is wicked pissah, of course, but it is a city. I miss knowing everyone I see (to an extent) and all of the wonderfullness that is the valley.
Can't wait to see everyone at home!!

You know what time it is?
Tenacious D time?
No, usually, but this time it's bedtime.
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