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holiday hooplah.

It was good, yesterday was just a bad time. It's totally fine.

Dad and I went to get our tree, and it's a lovely tree, fully decked out with lights and ornaments and love<3.
I saw Lucy P. today and it was wonderful! Holiday shopping can be hard sometimes. She made it better.
My mom and I made latkes together, it was good to have some time with her to myself. And we ended up using real candles! This made me very happy, and Michael was totally okay. Had he not, I would have understood, but it's so much better that way.
After dinner we exchanged gifts. Two amazing, wonderful words:


I am SO psyched. I'm currently reading the entirety of the instructions. My favorite part so far is in the warnings:
"Do not use lens for the purpose of photographing." Damn. I guess this means no pool parties in the lens, sorry guys.
Yes. Yay. Lens. <3.

Tomorrow is NAJEE.
Tomorrow is also a couple parties, one of which involves Herrell's and my dad's cheese fountain. I don't know how I feel about it- but I am curious to see it in action, plus he's so into it, haha. Oh, Dad.

Last night after I felt shitty I realized that I'd never really unpacked my room...I'd never had the chance after the move and before I left for school. So I did. I think it helped me feel better somewhat.

Yay day.
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