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When it snows ain't it thrillin'?

Things have been pretty busy. Less so this week, but I'm sure that'll change.

Najee came to visit and that was a freaking blast. We aquariumed and North Ended and Garment Districted and Harvard Squared and Commoned and Borated and Comedy Showed. That's right, I just verbed all of those things.

Revels has been kinda eh lately. The way we're learning the music isn't effective at all and I think if we want to get anywhere we need to consider some changes. My fellow altos and I talked about it, and we think that some sectional stuff would help a lot...sectional rehearsals once a week and shorter big group rehearsals on Sundays. A 3 hour rehearsal on Sunday night just isn't a good idea, granted it's the only time everyone can meet, we're all exhausted and have work to finish for Monday. Hopefull things will get better there.

The head of the photography department spoke with us at Developed Images last night, I really like her. She made me want to be a photo minor even more. She had this great energy and determination that was very contagious. She talked a lot about getting yourself out there and fighting for what you want. I want to relearn darkroom.

Choosing courses is stressful. I didn't get into a production class. Hopefully one will open up before January. If not, I'm going to beg professors. I'll be quite irritated if I can't- that's half the reason I came here. So that I could get involved. There are other ways I know, but still.

Lauren and I were PAs for an FPS shoot last weekend. It was fucking freezing on the first day, and we were stuck "watching the barn" (on location) for three or four hours. It was boring and the suckiest job of all- so boring infact that we made a stop-motion with my digital camera and bits of hay. But the next day was a little better, and we got to see what an FPS shoot is like. Next time I plan on going out for a better position. I need to make a resume.

I feel like I'm starting to get closer to people here, which I greatly appreciate. Yesterday my roomies and I made hot cocoa and cut out snowflakes for our window. It was adorable. Though at times all I want is to be at home with my friends that I know so well. But I think that's a normal feeling.

It's finally starting to get colder- Lauren almost died when it snowed earlier this week. I'm dreaming of a white christmas, for sure.

I can't wait for the holidays. I'll be here for Hannukkah (the first five nights). I'll rock it with my electric menorah and the dreidel that I plan on having everyone play with. And Christmas too. It's just fun. And warm and fuzzy. And I'm more excited about my christmas sweater than most other things.

My mom's been asking me what I want, and honest to god I really can't think of anything. A macro lens is the only thing that comes remotely close to something that I want really badly. Maybe something to make the most of the Netherlands? I don't even know. I just don't want her to buy anything for me, or my dad. They're sending me to school- just put money into my tuition fund. Money is dumb, it always makes me nervous and worry.

I freaking love 3 of my professors. The 4th is okay, no problems, they're just not ridiculously amazing. I want one of them to be my grandpa more than anything.

I'm sleepy. When I remember more exciting things that have happened I'll post. Perhaps.
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